why and how you work with us


We partner with foundations and government leaders to facilitate and launch Collective Impact Movements or communities of practice in communities focused on a specific social issue in a specific place. (Collective impact is hard and it doesn’t just happen on its own). We provide support with all the tricky twists and turns needed to build a foundation and launch collective impact:

  • We partner with foundations to transform their grant process.
  • Research and engage national allies as co-designers in strategies for moving the needle
  • Urgently move forward the behavioral shift needed on the ground to facilitate collective impact

We work closely with nonprofit organizations and coalitions to help cultivate vision, collaborative buy-in, and strategic plans through engaging facilitated sessions, conferences, and retreats.

  • Strategic planning: We facilitate affordable, groundbreaking team retreats and strategic planning processes.
  • Conference design & facilitation: We consult with you to ensure your upcoming or annual conference is innovative, engaging and interactive.
  • Expert facilitation support: That helps you make the most of facilitated meetings and establish your organization as thought leaders on a specific challenge or focus area.
  • Provide the capacity needed to measure and move “the needle” on a specific challenge



We build effective coalitions: By working multilaterally across the change sectors, we facilitate the emergence of new networks of committed stakeholders whose experience and know-how bring to bear crucial changes, system-wide.

  • Collaborative coordination: We can link you to collaborative agencies working in similar space to improve outcomes and impact
  • We facilitate learning cohorts based funding strategies that break from traditional norms and inspire de-siloing of nonprofit organizations.
  • We scope and facilitate a backbone team
  • Identify and facilitate working groups who will identify and test new solutions for moving the needle
  • Engage diverse stakeholders

Through a process that enables existing stakeholders to focus and build consensus, we help to discover the breakthrough solution for their community that can, and must, scale.