Dual School

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The Problem

While traditional schools provide students with classroom skills that may serve them academically, typically, they don’t serve students with opportunities that directly target professional habits that will keep their curiosity and drive moving. There lies an incredible opportunity for students to explore entrepreneurship, only no one has picked it up.

The Solution

Dual School came about as an answer to the void of entrepreneurial programming in the current academic landscape. By providing students with opportunities during out-of-school time, Dual School gives high schoolers a chance to explore passion projects through a process that will serve them for life.

The Partnership

Social Contract provided the initial idea incubation needed to launch Dual School. It helped maintain a strong and active backbone of partners who could advise and collaborate on this work. Social Contract also brought crucial experience and connections that helped Dual School launch quickly and effectively.

Social Contract actively incubated Dual School from the research phase during the Summer of 2017, then the pilot cohort through February 2018. After that, they provided follow-on support in various capacities to help Dual School continue to grow.

By putting Dual School through its process, Social Contract brought national partners to the table, including High Tech High and Blue Dot Education–partners who otherwise never would have discovered the project. The students reaped the most benefit from these partnerships as representatives from both entities helped shaped the learning process.

“I liked the full-on support. Social Contract didn’t just tell you what to do, they helped you get it done. It wasn’t like a normal consultancy where you get advice and you’re stuck thinking about how to implement it. I also liked how Social Contract brought in National experts during the process of developing Dual School. This gave us a broader perspective and allowed us to learn from some of the most innovative minds in the education space.”

Zachary Jones founder of Dual School

Dual School isn’t your typical after-school program. And while Zachary Jones, Dual School’s founder, didn’t intend it to be, the direction in which Dual School’s students took the program surprised him: they wanted to solve all the world’s problems.

The Impact

Social Contract helped get important work done by tapping into collaboration. Social Contract brought many voices to the table and facilitated an action-oriented dialogue. Through this partnership, Dual School launched a highly successful pilot in just one month. This momentum allowed Dual School to work with over 75 students in our first-year operation, leading to abundant learning and improvement.