Our Approach

Social Contract facilitates transformational change in communities around the world. We work with leaders across sectors to cultivate and grow change efforts and movements through Consensus-Building, Collective Impact, Collaborative Financing and Technical Assistance. Our approach to this work relies on building meaningful relationships, trusting the lived experience of local leaders, and aligning stakeholders on a clear path forward.

Long term solutions must be co-designed with community, nonprofit, corporate, governmental and philanthropic stakeholders. Our highly trained facilitation team specializes in design thinking and consensus building. We intentionally seek out, lift up and discover alignment between diverse voices to better understand a challenge and believe that an inclusive approach will lead to highest value insights and effective solutions.

Inequitable funding practices and cultural biases often exclude or undervalue the expertise that currently exists within communities. Social Contract listens to local voices to understand what work is in motion, how local stakeholders currently work together, and what they hope to make possible. Together we learn what is broken, and determine a strategic path forward with a broad coalition of community members, national experts, advocates, and researchers. Through our process, we understand the best possible roadmap to solving a specific problem in a specific place.

Most nonprofit organizations work in silos–in fact, the way they are financed inadvertently reinforces this reality. Social progress requires that institutions work together as a cohesive, powerful system. One organization’s heroic efforts will not alone drive the outcomes we all hope to see in communities. By engaging diverse stakeholders in research and discovery, our team helps leaders identify opportunities to improve cohesion by building or reconfiguring roles, funding, and policies to ensure effective collaboration, with transformational results.

Solutions are best developed with the expertise of people on the ground, and those with lived experience. Our team facilitates discussions that allow key stakeholders to absorb, reflect, respond, and help ideas evolve. This creates accountability to a shared plan which incorporates the collective beliefs, ideas, expertise, hopes, and perspectives of all key stakeholders in a community.

We can’t fund half an engine and hope it’ll run. Similarly, we can’t fund the solutions to complex social challenges with spotty or shortsighted funding cycles. Once consensus is achieved and a blueprint for change exists, we engage groups of private and public funders together to build a path towards financing the true cost of implementation over multiple years. In this way we grow and support sustainable systems change.

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