New policies and programs don’t always come with implementation plans. It’s critical to involve all stakeholders in strategic design, mapping the process and setting goals. We work with local experts to get alignment on the highest-value strategies, ensuring governments and philanthropists maximize the impact of new initiatives. Our partnerships with clients result in meaningful work that ultimately improves the lives of our community.

Building Stronger Social Enterprise in Delaware

The Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation saw a need to better understand the business needs and objectives desired by the winning “Reinventing Delaware” project ideas. Social Contract facilitated a series of scoping sessions with the grantees that led to a strategic planning process, allowing the organizations to thoughtfully navigate barriers, accomplish their goals in a timely manner, and sustainably maintain their businesses. As a result, the foundation saw a higher return on their investment because the projects had sources of revenue beyond the initial grant period.

Making Funding More Equitable

The Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) wanted to finance solutions to complex social challenges in their community and recognized that without a shift in how nonprofit organizations ask for funding, it would be difficult to ensure momentum and impact. Social Contract partnered with DCF to design and test a new approach to financing meaningful strategies that can move the needle on racial equity outcomes in Wilmington.

Designing a Trauma-Informed State

In 2019, Governor John Carney announced Executive Order #24, making Delaware the first trauma-informed state. But the new policy didn’t come with a plan for action. Social Contract aligned key local experts on the highest-value strategies needed to ensure meaningful, lasting impact of the Executive Order. Through interviews and focus groups, a plan was developed through a consensus-built strategic planning process. That work led to a blueprint and the activation of Trauma Matters Delaware to be the backbone organization that ensures the work is implemented with fidelity.

Improving Student Engagement in Seychelles

After several years of declining test scores and decreased student engagement in Seychelles, the Office of the President partnered with Social Contract on a consensus-building project to improve social, emotional and academic outcomes for youth while activating the leadership and civic engagement of teens across the country. This project led to the design of a collective impact movement focused on student-centered outcomes most important to the community, families and government.