Social Contract partners with community, corporate, government and philanthropic leaders to design and implement solutions to complex social challenges.

The Change Sector
Has a Problem

In today’s world, the way we organize to solve complex social problems is fundamentally flawed. Nonprofits compete for limited resources, relying on foundations to support their work from one grant cycle to the next, and inequalities are reinforced when indigenous community efforts aren’t funded with fidelity. Solutions are deployed in a fragmented way. The possibilities for a long-term impact are limited by current systems.

Social Contract partners with government, nonprofits, funders and the community to align on what they believe are the strategies that will bring about real change. We help build sustainable, equitable movements through collective impact, consensus building, collaborative financing, and technical assistance.

Our Focus Areas


Collective Impact uses structured collaboration to establish commitment from different sectors on a common agenda for solving a specific social problem. Effective social change requires a solid foundation of cross-sector partnership and responsibility.


Consensus-Building aligns the ideas, vision, priorities, and beliefs of relevant stakeholders to build a framework for solving a complex social problem. Consensus-built strategies are representative of all stakeholders and the broader community and ensure accountability.


Collaborative Financing connects public and private funders with the shared goal of committing to a coordinated approach, which may require forging new financing pathways. Complex solutions have a price tag and require long-term financing in order to demonstrate success.


Technical Assistance helps early-stage collectives, coalitions, and startups establish a solid foundation through strategy and management consulting services. New organizations improve processes and efficiently scale successful business models through executive coaching, capacity building, and organizational consulting.

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