Let's Change

  • Changemaker
    One who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen. This includes non profit providers, government officials, philanthropists and volunteers.
  • Impact
    The ability to transform the experience of individuals and communities, to solve unsolvable problems, to collaboratively and intentionally move reality from today’s truth, to a more ideal state.

Everyday, Changemakers devote themselves to making positive impact.


Well, actually, more than one.

The incentives are off

Non profit providers are forced to compete for funding dollars rather than collaborate effectively. To secure funding, non profits often must overstate their capacity to alone solve a complex social problem.

Changemakers work in silos

No one entity can solve for the deeply complex social challenges that confront communities today. But today, Changemakers, Government, Organizations, and Funders all work in silos.

We need gears, not widgets

We need to operate with a more complete picture of the broader landscape, and learn how all the pieces can fit together optimally to increase our capacity to drive change.

Changemakers find themselves frustrated.
In Delaware alone, we see:


Registered Non-Profits


Foundations & Public Charities


Total Giving Annually

Communities are left wondering where the money has gone.

How can we once and for all move the needle on:
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Gun Violence
  • Latino Rights
  • Climate Change
  • Community Policing
  • Behavioral Health
  • Trauma
  • Employment
  • Re-entry

Social Contract activates a learning and development process that features community-centric and uniquely collaborative rapid cycle prototyping and design thinking protocols. Our working groups share their expertise and capacity with each other, unearthing breakthrough solutions within their communities. Changemakers are seeking a paradigm shift for how we work together.

By partnering with Social Contract, funders, practitioners, and the community gain the tools they need to transform how they work in communities. Together, through our collaborative process, we leave egos out of the equation, and move beyond the status quo.


Funders can activate collective impact movements & collaborative frameworks that move the needle on complex social challenges.


Partners can test new ideas, learn from mistakes and successes to unleash breakthrough strategies that chart a more effective path forward.


Emerging leaders can find a home at Social Contract, gaining facilitation, design thinking, & management tools needed to drive powerful social change.

Social Contract partners with changemakers

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