Any group of people trying to help a group of people requires a unique skill set, knowledgeable resources, budget, and patience. Change takes time, because change (of any kind) is hard.

We offer a variety of services to help our clients
achieve their goals

Social Impact Advising

Successful change initiatives require a comprehensive understanding of the true need, what’s at stake, partnering with the right stakeholders, and ensuring you have the right team in place to take it from concept to reality.

In partnership with you, Social Contract provides:

  • Vision and project scoping
  • Design thinking and program design 
  • Strategic and implementation planning
  • National and local research; landscape review
  • Identify highest value investments 
  • DEIA consulting and assessment

Consulting Solutions

Once you’ve defined what social change success looks like, it’s time to create a custom solution that will help your team devise a purposeful and strategic plan.

Social Contract helps you with:

  • Sustainability Management and fundraising support
  • Organizational and leadership development  
  • Business modeling and budget development
  • Project planning & management
  • Pilot program testing & iterative design

Systems Changing

Assessment complete? Check. Solution built? Check. Change management designed and implemented? Ummm…

We got you. Our team is by your side every step of the way from idea conceptualization through adoption. We work with you on:

  • Collective impact design and management
  • Coalition building
  • Infrastructure design and development
  • Network management and partner coordination
  • Collaborative financing
  • Communication planning for adoption, engagement

The Social Contract Difference

We see our clients as people helping people. Often, those people touch our families, friends, and communities. Our partnerships are designed with this in mind. The Social Contract difference is built on the following principles.



We plant the seeds for long-term, ethical change.



Our partnerships, initiative design and blueprints, strategic change planning, and implementation plans help organizations at every step of change making.



We’re changing how change is financed.



We leverage internal expertise from the business, government, and philanthropic sectors.

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