We invest in our culture and our team’s evolution as professionals and people. This enables us to grow and scale to enhance the lives of each team member as well as our collective ability to create and affect positive social impact.


We try to live the ideal state of a new social contract by creating a diverse, inclusive, and empowered workplace filled with team members from all backgrounds, education levels, work experiences, and more. Our ability to represent the people impacted by social change requires a team that identifies with the problems, impacts, and injustices, so we can create a better future that meets the needs of the people versus the desires of the few.

Meet our team

Ronald Berry III

Managing Partner

Galia Binder


Fran Ellis


Drew Fennell

Executive Vice President

Danielle Fisher


David Hanson

Senior Consultant

Ben Logue


Alisia Nichols

Senior Consultant

Hanna Ruth

Director of Business Development

Carling Ryan


Linda Schirmeister-Gess

Senior Impact Manager

Kiersten Sweeney

Senior Consultant

Meghan Wallace

Managing Partner

Whitney Wideman

Operations Manager