Meet the team rewriting the status quo.

Meet Our Team

Christina Alexander
Senior Director

Ahmad Alkarute
Senior Associate

Alonna Berry
Senior Director

Ronald Berry III
Managing Partner

Fran Ellis

Drew Fennell
Executive Vice President

Danielle Fisher

Angélica Rengifo Gómez
Senior Consultant

Liz Gossens

David Hanson
Senior Consultant

Grace Jalboot

Ben Logue
Business Manager

Tom Peters
VP, Operations and Talent Development

Carling Ryan

Raven Scott

Meghan Wallace
Managing Partner

Whitney Wideman
Operations Manager

Bond Team February 2023
Fostering Growth and Empowering Change

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

We are a diverse group of project managers, researchers, evaluators, facilitators, policy experts, and program designers dedicated to elevating and supporting lasting social change.

We invest in our culture and our team’s evolution as professionals and people. This enables us to grow and scale to enhance the lives of each team member as well as our collective ability to create and affect positive social impact.

We've created a diverse, inclusive, and empowered workplace filled with team members from all backgrounds, education levels, work experiences, and more. Our ability to represent the people impacted by social change requires a team that identifies with the problems, impacts, and injustices, so we can create a better future that meets the needs of the people in the communities our clients serve.