Building Bridges in New Orleans

October 20, 2023


Earlier this month Hanna Ruth traveled to New Orleans with 200 leaders from Philadelphia for three immersive days of learning, relationship-building, and inspiration. The aim of the Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange (GPLEX) is to bring together cross-sector leaders dedicated to addressing the region’s greatest challenges, but to do so in another city that sparks new questions and fresh ideas. 

With the city as our classroom, we heard from local leaders about their innovative approaches to improving education, addressing community violence, building private-public partnerships for economic growth, and investing in hospitality. We spent each afternoon in small groups visiting and learning from local organizations like the Family Justice Center, a partnership of agencies that provides free services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Their integrated and trauma-informed approach to providing comprehensive services, all in one space, was inspiring. Walking down one hallway, we met service providers for medical care, housing, counseling, legal, childcare, and advocacy needs. Conversation buzzed among us Philadelphians as we asked the question, “How can we learn from this model and apply its principles in our context?” Over three days, gumbo, and soul-filled jazz, new connections and ideas were forged. 

Getting new places often requires building bridges. Our team at Social Contract is passionate about facilitating bridge-building between organizations; the opportunity to design and support collaborative initiatives that increase the accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of programs motivates us. How can we help you build a bridge to where you’re trying to go? 

Speaking of making connections, join us for our next networking breakfast on Thursday, November 16 in Wilmington, DE. Details and registration here; we hope to see you there! 




Written by Hanna Ruth, Director of Business Development.